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Hallandale Beach Personal Trainer

Joe Kozma

You know the problem with conventional gyms staffed by “trainers” who are barely out of high school or a weekend certification. You spend much of your time waiting around as some chatterbox carries on conversations enthroned on a weight bench you want to use. And if you have fitness questions, the staff provides you stock answers that they learned in their two-hour training session.

Working with a top professional personal trainer prevents those drains on your workout time with personal attention devoted to what you want your body to look like.

Let's start with our gym. It's conveniently located for all residents of Broward County and is exceedingly well equipped. It's got the equipment you need and not too crowded when you need it. Whether you're a bodybuilder looking to add muscle for an upcoming competition or a model who wants to slim down and tone up for a fashion shoot, or a regular guy or gal wanting to look and feel great, your'e in the right place. Your workout is tailored to your body and goals, not a cookie cutter workout like most trainers and group fitness studios.

If you'd rather work out in the privacy of your own home, we will use what you've got or we can help you set up a home gym and find the best value for the money. There's no need to go all out when your starting. You'll be able to do many exercises with just a few weights and perhaps a bench in the corner of a patio or family room. Once you become more hardcore, we'll move on to setting up your own home gym in a spare room complete with mats, mirrors and machines.

If this sounds like what you're looking for, contact us today.

Check out the before and after photos section and see what you think - If we can do it for them, we can do it for you!

Looking for strength training in Fort Lauderdale? Send an email!

- Joe Kozma

Hallandale Beach Personal Trainer


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