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If You Can Lose Weight with Diet Alone, Why Do You Really Need a Personal Trainer?

By Joe Kozma

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- We've all seen them, the breakfast cereal/cereal bar/milk shake/frozen dinner commercials that say if we substitute one or two meals for this or that product, we will lose weight.

We've all read them, the magazine articles that tell us to count calories or cut certain foods like carbs or unhealthy fats to lose a safe amount of weight each month, something around five pounds or less.

Though many of these claims are true and these are not unhealthy diet regimens overall, once a dieter has lost weight, should she keep up these eating habits, or where should she go from here?

Though dieting is a quick way to lose weight that is very effective if you do it right, it's not a long term solution and it's kind of a hassle if it's the only thing you rely on to keep your body in the condition you want. However, short term dieting is a weight loss strategy that is often appealing to women, especially, that only have 5 to 20 pounds of weight to lose. These women typically make efforts to eat healthy regularly and take care themselves overall, yet gain small to moderate amounts of weight naturally after events like childbirth, surgery or stressful circumstances.

test driveHuffington Post article investigates the reasons why short term dieting is not effective over the long term, citing that:

  • Dieters are motivated by an initial success

  • Dieters then reach a plateau.

  • After a dieter reaches that plateau, weight loss becomes harder and weight is slower to come off

  • After the diet is over, many dieters regain the weight faster than before

  • Long term calorie counting is not realistic option and

  • Many calorie counters do not consume a balanced diet


The article goes on to show that, for these reasons,;exercise is the best long term solution to stay fit and trim.

Most experts agree that the most effective form of exercise is the type of exercise that emphasizes muscle toning and development. This type of exercise burns fat fast and makes your body look good. 

If you go through a stressful time, a pregnancy, a surgery or some other life event that causes you to gain a few pounds, getting back into your regular exercise routine is a safe, healthy and simple way to return to your ideal weight. You should, of course be eating healthy along with this, but you should not focus on healthy eating as your only weight loss strategy.

As a champion bodybuilder and fitness expert, Joe Kozma and his Plantation personal trainer team know how to sculpt every inch of your body so that you look your best. In addition, his program will help you to develop sustainable healthy eating habits to support your body transformation. Contact to learn more.

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