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By Aventura Personal Trainer Joe Kozma

It is an obvious fact that men and women are built completely different. Using weight training each gender will have a different way of achieving optimal results, though the general methods are still the same. I provide below a guide describing the best way for women to tone muscle, lose fat / weight, and achieve a healthier body overall.

The first step is to decide what you want your end result to be: Do you want to lose fat, build more shapely muscle, like in the legs and glutes, improve endurance or just feel better?

Next you’ll design a routine that gets you there without spending all day working out. I’ve found that split routines work better for improving body shape in women than whole body workouts. Even if the client’s goal is simply weight loss, this type of training routine yields superior results. A simple beginning split routine is upper body on one day and lower body the next. If your’e a beginner three weight training sessions are enough. Just keep alternating upper body and lower body. Make sure you choose a variety of exercises, not just running or just bicep curls; you need a good combination of cardio and weight training to both shape muscle and burn fat. It is advisable that you do your weight training first and your cardio second to get the fat burning process working . Your weight training should take 45-60 minutes and your cardio time varies according to how much bodyfat you need to lose. If you need to lose 20 pounds or more you should do 45-60 minutes of cardio too. Importantly, be sure to warm up and cool down as this will help prevent injury. By getting the blood flowing and the muscles more flexible, you are maximizing your rate of growth. Yoga and stretching help keep you from getting too inflexible.

Working out does not mean getting your body to the point where you cannot move. It is good to feel tired and a bit sore, but overtraining can be very counter-productive and if done repeatedly can result in permanent injury. It is important to choose weights that you can manage when weight training. Not too heavy, but heavy enough to where your muscles can feel the resistance. When you can easily lift a weight and not feel a thing, then it is time to increase the weight with five pounds being the preferred increase.

Exercising one day a week is not going to cut it, it’s important that you do so at the very least three times per week and at the most six days each week. You need to make sure to get proper rest or else your body will not have time to build muscle and you won’t progress as fast as you should be. Sleep is also vital as during the duration of your sleep is when the body can put its full efforts into repairing, rebuilding, and strengthening the muscles.

Proper dieting and hydration is also something you need to keep up with if you want to be healthy and maximize growth. Make sure to consume a decent amount of good carbohydrates so your body has the energy it needs in order to work out. Fruit and vegetables will also help in weight loss, which will make it easier for you to focus less on burning any fat and more on building muscle. Water is what makes up most of our body, so it is vital that you drink it not only to keep the muscles hydrated, but for the many benefits water has for our body that people often overlook.

The final step would be to sign up for personal training with me. If you are near Aventura / Fort Lauderdale, I will be able to design a plan perfect for your body and make sure you have the proper form for every exercise. A great personal trainer is a great way to assure that your body is working as efficient as possible. By following advice and the routine above, your strength training experience will be easy keep up and results will show in no time.

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A: Joe’s program provides the most rapid and efficient results through superior training techniques, motivation and nutritional management.

1: Most trainers train their clients the same way that they train themselves without any thought given to the uniqueness of their client’s body. Their thinking is “if it works for me, it”ll work for you.”

This is not a “cookies-cutter” program. Each client receives a completely custom-designed workout and nutritional program.

2: Most trainers have their clients perform the same workout every time, over and over again, for months or even years. My clients enjoy an ever-evolving workout that changes as their bodies and needs change.

We believe in adapting and customizing each workout program to the needs, desires and abilities of each individual client.

We are very concerned to teach excellent exercise form and posture; this creates a balanced,athletic,and attractive physique. An additional benefit of this approach is that it prevents injury.

Flexibility training is also part of the program it reduces risk of injury, increases positive circulation, optimizes nerve function, and improves the client’s sense of well being.

Our clients improve quickly and safely.

Check out the before and after photos section and see what you think-if we can do it for them, i can do it for you!

– Aventura Personal Trainer Joe Kozma

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