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Why low-carbohydrate dieting for weight loss?

As a Fort Lauderdale weight loss trainer and expert, I have strong opinions on the low-carb trend. To lose fat, almost all personal trainers and nutritionists, agree that low carbohydrate dieting is the quickest road to weight loss. One of the main reasons so many people personal trainers in Fort Lauderdale, and nationwide is that when an individual begins using a low carbohydrate diet he or she loses a lot of weight initially due the water retention being eliminated. The water retention is because every carbohydrate molecule binds four times its own weight in water in the body, which is retained where carbohydrates are stored; in the liver and in the muscles. A low carb diet causes the individual following it to lose weight quickly and change appearance quickly; this creates a great psychological benefit to the dieter, who perceives that he or she is making rapid and triumphal progress against their perceived weight problem. My Fort Lauderdale weight loss program uses a lo-carbohydrate design which allows the dieter to eat a high protein diet long associated with building and maintaining muscle mass. The high protein diet is the optimum way to maintain muscle while on a low calorie/lo-carbohydrate path to weight loss.

One problem always associated with a lo-carb diet is the low energy levels that often accompany this eating style. It is a big problem when energy levels become so low that training, that is exercise, becomes difficult. The muscles begin to feel heavy and worn out even before the workout begins. It becomes difficult for exercises to be done in proper form because stored carbohydrates in the form of glycogen are usually the immediate energy source used for fueling the muscles in individuals on nutritional programs designed to optimize athletic performance. In the past, individuals on eating plans designed to lose weight and fat just had to “grin and bear it” when it came to near nonexistent energy levels, sluggishness, and tiredness on their lo-carb eating plans. Today; however, since knowledge of nutritional science has increased, nutritionists are using fats as substitute energy sources on lo-carb diets. The dieter is in a chemical state of ketosis from their lo-carb eating program; what this means is that the dieters metabolism has made a transition from being a primarily carbohydrate fueled metabolism to being a metabolism which is using fats as the primary energy resource. When the dieter enters ketosis very great strides will be made against bodyfat stores on the body. Modern personal trainers and weight loss experts in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Nationwide now add concentrated fats to the lo-carb diet in order to improve energy levels in dieters who are in a state of ketosis in the form of almond butter or peanut butter. The quantities of fats are limited of course because it is desirable to keep the dieter in a state of ketosis until all the excess bodyfat is eliminated on the physique. The addition of these fats have greatly increases the dieter’s energy levels and also mood and well being which can be negatively affected severely in a dieter who is in a state of ketosis.

The bottom line for the dieter is that lo-carb dieting is; because of increases in scientific knowledge regarding lo-carb diets, in a much better position to be successful in his or her diet plan because some of the real drawbacks to lo-carb eating have been solved by the precision use of concentrated fat calories. In the old days, more than half of dieters could not tolerate the hunger, bad moods, halitosis and poor energy levels brought about by ketosis state dieting. Adding a scientific amount concentrated fat calories has made successful weight loss on a lo-carb diet something that is truly possible for every person who dedicates themselves to self improvement through personal training and dieting. It is not a miserable process anymore, you the consumer have a much greater chance of being successful on your program, get over here and sign up on my Fort Lauderdale weight loss program and be successful in getting yourself into the shape of your life. Nothing in the world can substitute for being fit, healthy, and happy.

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A: Joe’s program provides the most rapid and efficient results through superior training techniques, motivation and nutritional management.

1: Most trainers train their clients the same way that they train themselves without any thought given to the uniqueness of their client’s body. Their thinking is ” if it works for me, it”ll work for you.”

This is not a “cookie-cutter” program. Each client receives a completely custom-designed workout and nutritional program.

2: Most trainers have their clients perform the same workout every time, over and over again, for months or even years. My clients enjoy an ever-evolving workout that changes as their bodies and needs change.

We believe in adapting and customizing each workout program to the needs, desires and abilities of each individual client.

We are very concerned to teach excellent exercise form and posture; this creates a balanced,athletic,and attractive physique. An additional benefit of this approach is that it prevents injury.

Flexibility training is also part of the program it reduces risk of injury, increases positive circulation, optimizes nerve function, and improves the client’s sense of well being.

Our clients improve quickly and safely.

Check out the before and after photos section and see what you think – if I can do it for them, I can do it for you!

– Fort Lauderdale Weight Loss Expert Joe Kozma

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