By: Joe Kozma

March 13, 2017

Perfect Legs and Butt Workout

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Client Christina – Masters Figure Competitor

As a trainer who has been sculpting bodies for many years, I’ve created quite a few great sets of best butt and legs in the gym and on the local beaches.  Is what I am saying an exaggeration??? No it is not, I do not make a habit out of boasting.

I know the exercises to quickly bring the best out of anybody’s booty. I will not share in this article all my secrets.  I have some trade secrets that you can only learn by directly working under my training program.  I will share with you a foundation which will help you get better results than you have ever got before for your butt and legs.

Butt, will I tell you all my secrets……. Nah!!!!

Stretching: I begin leg workouts with an extensive stretching program, developed and based on the comprehensive stretching program I used when I was involved in team sports. For brevity’s sake I will not spell all this out. I want to get the twice weekly workout directed toward butt and legs in before the article becomes too long to be maximally effectively read.  Note this leg workout is done in a split of workouts training the entire body in four workouts, done over the course of a week.


Perfect Legs and Butt Workout

Basic Workout Split
Day One: ex. Legs and Butt with stretching.
Day Two: ex. Tuesday, Back and Shoulders with abs.
Day Three: Ex. Thursday, Legs and Butt with stretching.
Day Four: Ex. Friday, Chest and Arms with abs.

Here are some of the key legs and butt exercises and to-do tips:

Leg Extension: Two to three warm up sets, are done before two sets at a level that is challenging, all sets fifteen to twenty reps, last two sets you should barely be able to finish the last rep.

Lying Leg Curls: Two light warm up sets, then two sets where you can barely finish the last rep, all sets twenty reps.

leg curl

Angled Leg Press: Two warm up sets, then two working sets where it is difficult to get the last couple reps. All sets twenty reps. On leg presses and squats, push from the heels, not the toes, this will prevent injury, and really focuses pressure on the butt muscle complex.

leg press

Angled Hyperextensions: Mental focus on the muscle, the butt is essential. This exercise is essential, and it must be done properly. Do not go too high at the top. Two to three sets, fifteen to twenty reps, your butt should be burning at the last set. Welcome to the jungle!!!

Walking Lunges: Two to three sets, twenty to twenty five steps. Do not make your reps too long, you can blow out a hamstring with too long of strides. At this point the legs and butt are really burning but we are not stopping yet.

Bodyweight Squats: Two to three sets, twenty five to thirty reps. Hamstring should be parallel to the ground at the bottom of the movement, form must be perfect. No moronic ass to the grass form. This is a sure way to injure your back and knees.

bodyweight squats

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