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Joe Kozma – Strength Coaching

Joe Kozma has over twenty years of personal training experience. Joe is a former college football player who played at the University of Wisconsin. Joe is a champion bodybuilder who has won the Collegiate National Championship in bodybuilding as well as placing in the top ten in Mr. USA and North American Bodybuilding Championship, Joe also won the California Gold’s Gym Classic Bodybuilding title. Joe has made a lifetime’s study of strength training and is also a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Sports Nutritionist.

Training fads come and go, but you know what doesn’t? Results.

Sure, you have probably heard about all those trendy strength and fitness crazes. Your neighbor is doing one, your coworker is doing another and your sister-in-law is doing a third kind.

Great. Good for them. But will their results (if they ever achieve them) be visible in a year?

That isn’t a concern that clients of Joe Kozma have.

Joe Kozma is a master personal trainer who serves clients in surrounding communities as well, like Pompano Beach, Miramar and Pembroke Pines.

Joe’s physique is well-regarded among fitness enthusiasts and he achieved it the old-fashioned way: through hard work, tried-and-true strength-building techniques and discipline. While these here-today, gone-tomorrow fitness phases are all well and good, they aren’t what helped Joe develop his top-notch physique and healthy lifestyle.

As a trainer, Joe specializes in using his knowledge of strength-building skills to help his clients achieve their fitness goals. He also works with them to promote a healthy lifestyle, including a positive mental state and balanced diet. Many of his clients find that they not only look great and feel better, they are also better at things like recreational sports and keeping up with their kids because of their increased strength and stamina,

Kozma has also worked with women who are interested in slimming down and retaining a shapely figure rather than adding bulk or muscle mass.

If you’re interested in seeing real, long-lasting and significant results, you are welcome to contact Joe.

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