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  • For anyone who has been working out for years and is starting to feel bored.
  • For anyone wanting to see specific gains (or losses) in their physique.
  • For anyone with specific fitness goals.

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Maybe you have been a regular at the gym, diligently spending time on the treadmill and circuit training machines. Maybe you haven’t been able to lose that last 5 pounds or get the look you want for your summer vacation. Maybe you want to enter an event and having specific time goals.
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If any of these describe you, individualized training can be just the thing to break you out of the doldrums and begin new fitness adventures! Joe Kozma has more than 20 years of experience as a certified personal trainer and sport nutritionist! As a former college athlete and professional bodybuilder, Joe knows what it takes to design the best fitness plan to help you achieve your goals. His expertise is unquestioned in the area and many clients have attained fabulous results when working with Joe.

Personal training is available in Joe’s studio in Pompano Beach. His gym is state-of-the-art and convenient to many locations in the greater Fort Lauderdale area. Thirty- and sixty-minute sessions are available; you can also train with a buddy and receive a special rate for those sessions. A wide variety of programs and rates can be found by clicking here. Other services like nutrition counseling and home gym design are also available.

Your training sessions will focus on advanced technique and your specific fitness needs. Moving beyond the basics of exercise allows a fascinating range of modes and variations to be used in your workout regimen. A professional like Joe has the knowledge and personal touch to help you go to the next level in your individual fitness. Now you can finally complete that race or reach your desired weight!

Today is the day to get your fitness program started! Contact Joe directly to set up a consultation and begin your program, whether at home or in our Fort Lauderdale gym.

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Get Up and Start Exercising!

Exercise is not optional. It is a known fact that most people today are way above their ideal healthful weight. In fact, if you are reading this article odds are you may be a little over your weight limit or you may just want to build a bit of muscle. Either way, it just seems a bit difficult for you to get moving. Motivating yourself is the most important factor to the success of any exercise or diet program, without it you will most likely fail. Below are a few personal tips from me for getting yourself up and motivated.

Journal Your Workouts. A journal to keep track of your progress can be a good motivational boost as well. By keeping track of your results, you will know exactly how much you are improving over time. Even if you cannot see fast results, the journal will show that you are in fact losing weight or gaining muscle weight so you’ll stay encouraged.

Set specific goals. It may be motivating to see that you improved over time, but it is even more motivating to reach a specific goal in a set amount of time. Just be sure to keep your goals realistic! Make sure to reward yourself with a delicious treat whenever you do reach a goal.

Get Help. Fortunately, there are people who specialize in getting you up and motivated to lose weight or gain muscle. Having someone with knowledge of how to get the results you want safely and efficiently is a huge motivator.  Your personal trainer (me) will make sure that you’re working hard and sticking with the program.

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A: Joe’s is a former national and regional bodybuilding champion. His wins include the NPC Collegiate Nationals and the NPC Kentucky Derby Bodybuilding Championships. Joe has been a professional trainer for 25+ years.

A: Joe will actually get you results you can see and feel.

His clients improve quickly and safely.

A: You should be able to see noticeable results within 2 weeks on my program.

Fort Lauderdale Fitness Trainer

Joe Kozma

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