Premium Personal Training with Joe

For highly motivated people who want a serious jump start and top results. Highly limited availability, call for current rates and a trial session.

  • 16 WEEK SERIES: (48 sessions) three days per week.
  • 8 WEEK SERIES: (24 sessions) three days per week.
  • 4 WEEK SERIES: (12 sessions) three days per week.

ACCELERATED SERIES: Any series can be accelerated to 4,5 or 6 sessions per week for even faster results.

  • All personal training packages come with a custom designed nutritional plan.
  • Above packages are also available in 1 – 2 or more sessions per week format.
  • Individual sessions with no package commitment are also available.

Personal Training Rates

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“FIX ME” Consultation: A single meeting in which I analyze, update and optimize your current training and nutrition program so you get 100% return on your efforts.

Starter Program: A single meeting in which I create a workout and nutritional program designed uniquely for your goals. Can add 1-3 workouts to go over the exercises and form.

– Starter Program Options: Rapid Fat Loss, Wellness / Anti-Aging, Bodybuilding / Size and Strength, Sports Performance, Endurance

Weekly Coaching: We meet once per week to monitor your progress and update your training and nutrition. Goes with FIX ME or Starter Program.

Physique Competition / Bodybuilding Posing Coaching: Posing prep is very important. Recommend 4 or more sessions, up to 30 min each. We can also check bodyfat%.

Home Gym Design: I’ll help you optimize your current home gym or help you design one.

Nutrition Coaching: Custom-designed nutritional program and optional weekly checkups to help you achieve your goals and suit your lifestyle.


8 WEEK BODY TRANSFORMATION – This is Joe’s flagship program.

See the before and after photos section for examples of clients’ results.

21 DAY RAPID FAT LOSS: This program is extremely effective. 4-6 days personal training / week. Clients have lost up to 12 lbs on this package.

Biggest LOSER weight loss program

No one will recognize you when we are done! Results to rival the TV show. Minimum 4 month commitment.


I don’t need to explain my expertise here, do I? Training, diet, posing. Precontest / Offseason. Click here

Special Forces Conditioning: Specialized training program to get you ready for special forces, police or fire academy , air/sea search and rescue etc.


Joe’s extensive athletic background makes him the ideal strength trainer for football, baseball, basketball. Joe can train professionals individually or groups of student athletes at a time.


Workouts and lifestyle consulting to optimize your strength, mobility, energy and wellness.

LOCATION: Joe is located in Lighthouse Point, Florida and is available to residents of Broward County.