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Mia’s first bikini contest!
weight loss fort lauderdale Debbie 215 lbs, 40% + bodyfat / Present: 141
lbs, 16.6%. Lost 74 lbs!
figure competition coach

Many times in my preparation for figure competition, I have gotten fed up, and burned out and I wanted to quit. Joe helped so much, so many times by giving me positive encouragement, I would have never stuck it out and competed if it wasn’t for Joe helping me to believe in myself. Joe was an integral part of me getting in the best shape of my life. You’re the best Joe! Christina, Fort Lauderdale

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body transformation fort lauderdale

Joe helped me permanently change my eating and exercise habits to get back control of my weight and health! I can’t recommend Joe highly enough! Marina

8 weeks female fat loss

I came to Joe with the goal of flattening my stomach. In 8 weeks of following Joe’s program I got these shredded obliques and these awesome lower ab “rods” – I never knew I could get in condition like this! I’ve worked with personal trainers in the past but no one had ever given a complete plan of how to achieve my goals. They just gave me workouts. It’sa much more than just sweating for an hour! Joe Kozma is a genius!

Thanks Joe! See you at the beach!

wedding weight lossJoe helped me to lose 35 pounds for my wedding – I’ve never felt so great and confident! Don’t waste your time with anyone else – Joe is the best personal trainer you’re going to find!


teen weight loss

Joe helped me to lose my freshman 15 (okay it was 25…) with his online personal training program!


male body transformation

What was so impressive about Joe’s program with the systematic nature of the training and nutrition. I lost bodyfat and gained strength and lean muscle faster than I ever dreamed possible!

Jim T., Physician

Jeff : Beginning weight: 204 Bodyfat: 23.2% After 2 months: Weight: 185 Bodyfat: 11.7% After another 3 months: Weight: 211 Bodyfat: 9.3%

I’ve never been what you would call athletic before, but training with Joe has enabled me to lift weights I would never have dreamed possible: 300+ pound squats, 250 lb. bench presses, I can even do more than 10 pull ups! Did I mention that I never lifted weights before meeting Joe? Joe is a genius when it comes to training and nutrition. Thanks Joe! Training with you has changed my life: I have confidence and self-assurance that I never had before! Jeff L., Computer programmer

9 body fat before and after

before and after age 60

Before Weight 199 Bodyfat 18% | After Weight 186 Bodyfat 10.6%

A miracle? Jimmy, 60 years old, accomplished what medical science says is impossible for his age, he lost 30 lbs of fat and gained 14 lbs of muscle. ” My waist went from 40′ to 32′, I feel great, I am stronger than I was in high school and I am wearing the same size pants as I did then – Joe’s program has transformed my health.”


Training with Joe has taught me not just what exercises to do but how to make sure I do them correctly. He not only makes sure that you are on the correct overall workout, but he also knows the small details, such as grip and stance, that can make a big difference. As a result, I feel better both psychologically and physically. More importantly, Joe takes the guesswork out of working out and provides motivation. I have worked out with other trainers and what makes Joe unique is his ability to tailor an appropriate workout for different clients. Not everyone’s body is the same and Joe’s appreciation of this allows his clients to see maximum gains. Ron G., Webmaster

personal trainer review

Joe: I just want to thank you for all your help. When I first met up with you my shoulder movement was at 40% of maximum range of motion, not to mention that I was really out of shape. Less than 7 weeks later not only am I have been able to increase my shoulder range of motion to 89%, but I’ve also lost 18 lbs. of fat and gained 13 lbs. of muscle! It took me a while to understand your process since I had lifted weights in high school and on and off for my whole life. You showed me that I’m not 18 anymore, and my training had to get smarter. With your help, I was able to get in great shape in a short period of time without taking all that garbage they sell in stores. I learned to get back to the basics which are: eat right, work out with all my heart, and never quit. Thanks again Joe! Chris

With Joe, I have lost seven dress sizes! We do some unconventional workouts; I trained like a sprinter, but I love the results! Marsha Juredina

In three months I lost thirty pounds personal training with Joe, the workouts were very challenging but they produced great results. He gave me a nutrition plan that worked wonders for me, I have so much more energy than before. I’ve worked with other trainers; Joe is the best because he really cares about his client’s success. Machelle Sims
Del Rey Beach, Fl

In two months I lost twenty pounds of fat and gained ten pounds of muscle. I’m forty years old, I feel better than I did when I was twenty. Joe’s personal training and nutritional program has transformed my energy levels. I truly feel like a new man. Jose Colon
Miami, Fl

leg press

After trying many other gyms and personal trainers in the area I’ve stayed with Joe Not only because I’ve lost weight, I See the results! I feel Like I am part of a team! Gina

In the past 4 years Joe has offered me the most unique, professional, friendly and efficient atmosphere for exercising. I love it, I can’t quit!! Sophia

lean stomach
bikini body transformation

Michelle: 4 weeks – before and now

thigh gap

Joe has helped me to lose 25 pounds of fat and reshape my to a look that I never thought I would have! Jane L., Attorney

When you get Joe, you do not only get a personal trainer, you get a complete package! Joe follows through and is very persistent, he does not only think only about training you, but he asks you questions and reminds you of your proper eating regimen including vitamins etc…. I would give up if it wasn’t for Joe, his constant reminding and repetitions on my program are done for emphasis and keep me on track. I like the fact that he really targets his training to my problems areas and pushes me to the limit. Even if after his session I am exhausted after having taken a shower I feel energized and in my mind I say thank you Joe I could not have done it without you! –

Patricia, Sales Representative

female fitness trainer

over 50 bikini body

personal trainer reviews

muscle transformation

best personal trainer

9 body fat male

Dennis: Beginning weight: 173 Bodyfat: 24.9% After 3
months: Weight: 150 Bodyfat: 13.1% After another 4
months: Weight: 184 Bodyfat: 9.6%

With Joe’s guidance, I have reduced my body fat to 9.6 percent, at the same time I gained roughly 25 pounds of muscle mass. My strength went up 150 percent on the bench press. Thanks Joe! You da man! Dennis, Physician

8 body fat male

Mike: Beginning weight: 157 Bodyfat: 18% After 2 months:
Weight: 159 Bodyfat: 8.5%

oe: thanks for getting me so lean so fast! I had only 2 months before a performance in a play, and I was grossly out of shape: I never could have done it without you! And by the way, thanks for getting me into weight training – I’ll never stop now that I can take my shirt off and feel confident! Mike R., Actor

bodybuilding nutrition

Roy Bacani, NPC National lightweight bodybuilding competitor

bodybuilding coach

Joe Kozma, Trainer of Champions, has been an invaluable guide in helping me achieve what I believe to be the best shape of my life. I recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their physique from the housewife wanting to lose twenty to thirty pounds, to the morbidly obese person whose health requires quick and permanent weight loss, to the skinny young man who is tired of being pushed around by stronger and more muscular compatriots.

Every person seeking better fitness and health should by all means seek Joe’s guidance and coaching. They will get in shape at the fastest possible rate, they will gain critical fitness and nutritional knowledge that will last a lifetime, they will learn how to have fun and enjoy training as never before. If you desire success in your fitness/weight loss endeavor call him, you will not regret the outcome! Do you want to feel awesome, have energy levels second to none, and look better than a million dollars? Call Joe, He’s is truly, South Florida’s Premier Trainer of Champions! Frank Grieco: Masters Bodybuilder, Master’s Mr. Universe Competitor

bodybuilding trainerMy brother Joe taught me virtually everything I know about weight training, nutrition and bodybuilding, Joe is hands down, the best trainer I know. Do yourself a favor and learn from this man.

Jason Kozma, Mr. America, CPT

In three months I lost thirty pounds personal training with Joe, the workouts were very challenging but they produced great results. He gave me a nutrition plan that worked wonders for me, I have so much more energy than before. I’ve worked with other trainers; Joe is the best because he really cares about his client’s success. Jim, Dania Beach

Joe Kozma is by far the most effective personal trainer I have ever worked with, he produces results you can see and feel. If you truly want to change your body hire Joe. Felipe Verde
Deerfield Beach, Fl

Thanks Joe for helping me build my cardiovascular strength and reducing my cholesterol 50 points! Joe is the Best! Personal training has changed my life, and I had never seen the inside of a gym! Steve

personal training client
best personal training reviews

Joe is so cool! The staff and fellow members are unbelievably friendly. What a comfortable place To work out. I’m a very satisfied client! Kelly

Joe….thank you very much for keeping me on track and making me lose weight two years ago, you are a great asset and determined, faithful man who brings a cavalcade of knowledge and faith with your expertise. Thank you so much for all you have done. Wendy

personal training testmonial
personal training results

Joe kicked me into shape a few months before my wedding. He provided the knowledge, support and focus I needed to get through a physical plateau and make it to the next level. I WISH I had not moved out of Fort Lauderdale bc I would love to use him again right now! He worked with my busy schedule and budget and I not only enjoyed every workout (painful as it was) but everyone noticed my success. Go to Joe if you’re serious about getting fit, losing fat and making a change. Kate S, San Diego CA

If you are interested in a serious workout, with a knowledgeable trainer, Joe is your guy. He is great at motivating clients to get the most out of their workouts. Results are amazing! Chuck M, Fort Lauderdale

personal trainer clients

Joe really helped me lose those unwanted pounds. He is a tough trainer, you have to be committed to following his regimen so you can get the results you want. I went from a size 4 to a size 2 in jeans in 8 weeks, my abs look wonderful and my posture is improved. I get noticed more and I look like I’m in my early twenties. Lee M, Pompano Beach



Other Benefits:

  • Clients have come in having congestive heart failure, brought out of this state to normal heart function w four months of training, a new lease on life.
  • Dramatic improvements in lowering resting heart rate!
  • Dramatic improvements in decreasing cholesterol levels.
  • Cardiovascular performance levels go through the roof.
  • Dramatic Increases in muscle tone.
  • Radical improvement in personal appearance.
  • Radical improvements in self esteem.
  • Live joyfully with much better self esteem, radically improved health, radically lower fat levels and radically reduced bodyweight, just general optimum health!

See why Joe Kozma is the Best Fort Lauderdale Personal Trainer

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