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Q: Why do physique competitors train with Joe Kozma?

A: Joe Kozma’s has been there and done it before, both for himself and multiple clients. Go in with the advantage of a national champion and experienced contest coach managing your training, nutritional, and contest prep program.


Q: Can you get me ready to win?

Check out the competitor photos on the left and see what you think – If I can do it for them, I can do it for you!

– Joe Kozma

Joe’s program provides precontest and offseason shape and strength training to assure the size, shape and proportion for victory onstage. Joe’s nutrition management assures steady progress in building mass or burning fat while keeping muscle shape and fullness. Joe also works with you on posing and stage presentation.

With Joe Kozma’s bodybuilding expertise, you can make faster and further progress than you ever thought possible. Joe has been bodybuilding and powerlifting his whole life. He has won contests on the regional and national level, and more importantly, has trained and coached others to do so as well.

If you want to compete, whether in bodybuilding, physique, fitness, figure or bikini divisions, get yourself a leg up on the competition by having Joe as your personal trainer and coach!

Joe’s bodybuilding training gym is located in Lighthouse Point Florida.

Knowledge + Application= Results

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Joe’s Muscle Building Secrets

In this article I give the reader a few tips regarding training effectively for muscle mass. As the foremost Fort Lauderdale bodybuilding expert, I hope that the reader will be able to capitalize on some of the information I share here and transform their bodies and self esteem in the process.

One method of increasing one’s ability to gain muscle is to implement H.I.T. This acronym represents high intensity training. This type of training favors low volume workouts done at a very high level of intensity. With this type of training a much fewer number of exercise sets is done when compared with typical bodybuilding workout routines. But the sets are done at a very high level of intensity.

A typical bodybuilding chest routine would be as follows:

Bench Press four sets, ten reps;

Incline Press four sets, ten reps;

Flyes four sets, ten reps; Dips four sets, ten reps.

No intensity building techniques would be added to this routine the sets would be done to an approximately ninety percent of failure level of intensity.

A H.I.T. workout implemented by me would look like this:

Incline Dumbbell Press two sets, five to eight reps;

Incline Dumbbell Fly two sets, eight reps;

Machine Fly two sets, eight reps.

Each set of this workout would be extended using a technique called rest pause. Rest pause technique involves taking the initial set to momentary muscle failure and then pausing fifteen seconds and completing as many reps as possible with the same weight. This technique pushes each set well beyond momentary muscle failure and works the muscle in a more complete manner. I have found that using these techniques greatly increase the productiveness of each workout as far as creating greater muscle mass and improved shape. Less sets means shorter workouts which create superior results.

Increasing protein intake to two grams of protein for each pound of body weight never fails to improve a trainee’s response to workouts.

I have written a number of articles touting the benefits of high protein diets for weight loss and muscle gain. Many people do not know that if in adequate levels of protein are consumed, it is very possible for bodybuilding workouts to actually cause muscle mass loss. Many people who workout regularly make no progress specifically because they do not eat enough protein to repair the breakdown in muscle tissue that occurs from their workouts, thus their physiques do not improve. Ignoring adequate protein consumption causes many to spin their wheels at the gym.

Utilizing nutritional supplements that can improve the rate of recovery from exercise is another way to improve training results. I will make only a few recommendations in this article with respect to supplements. One supplement I have found to really help with muscle recovery is creatine. I have some of my clients take two to five grams of creatine twice per day with one creatine dose coming without fail immediately after the workout. I have seen excellent results from this simple, inexpensive supplement. Creatine is not for everybody however; its use would be contraindicated in those individuals whose primary goal is to lose weight. Creatine is more ideally suited to those individuals who are interested in increasing strength and muscle mass. I prefer Kre Alkalyn by EFX nutrition. I also, without fail, always recommend to all trainees, multivitamin and multimineral supplements in the form of Universal’s Animal Pack. Most people do not eat enough fruits, vegetables, and raw foods to cover their minimum daily requirements for vitamins and minerals, therefore use of these simple, inexpensive supplements almost always improve metabolic functioning and increases the rate of recovery from exercise.

In closing, I hope the information given in this article helps readers to improve the productivity of their bodybuilding programs. If you want to train for competitive or recreational bodybuilding in the Fort Lauderdale area of South Florida, contact me!


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