By: Joe Kozma

January 25, 2019

Let’s Examine Wine and Weight Loss

One of the most challenging things a great personal trainer has to do in order to is keep his or her people motivated to stick to an eating plan that will successfully enable them to attain their desired level of weight loss and physique conditioning. Now, I will write about the number one misunderstood diet problem in my locale, which is sunny South Florida.

wine drinking and weight lossThe number one weight loss problem with clients collectively speaking, specific to my area of the country, and in the thirty to sixty year old age group which comprises the bulk of my clients and probably the bulk of most personal trainers clientele. This problem is not primarily excessive food consumption alone. The biggest problem with people who desire to live the so-called good life, is drinking wine after a hard days work.

Now why is this a problem? Because wine merchants have successfully sold the idea that the good life cannot be attained unless one drinks plenty of high quality wine on a regular basis. This idea goes back hundreds of years in our culture. The upper classes in days gone by often served in prestigious posts in their nation’s military. The greatest military power in the world in the last five hundred years historians almost unanimously would affirm, would have to be the Great Britain. Now, what was a major difference in rations of officers, and those of enlisted men in the military of Great Britain?

The officers who came from the upper classes received ample supplies of wine in Great Britain’s military machine. More than an individual officer should have reasonably drank. Most officers used the extra they to entertain others in a gentlemanly way, although more than a few definitely developed wine drinking habits we would call alcoholism today. Wine is highly associated as necessity to this day especially in those within our society who consider themselves as above the socioeconomic level of the unwashed masses.

For personal trainers to truly be effective, and function as the moral, spiritual, and psychological leaders of their training programs must develop strategies to undo this perception about wine drinking in our client’s minds. Why you might ask?

Wine Hurts Your Weight Loss Efforts

can wine and weight loss go together?
No they can’t!!

Because, wine drinking in Americans of upper/middle income of middle age has become immoderate. It’s common for petitie women to consume over 1000 calories per day in wine or other alcoholic beverages.  This does not leave room in the clients eating plan for adequate nutrition, especially vitamins, minerals, and protein. This means that excessive body fat levels in personal training clientele is highly associated with wine drinking.
The clients have often ritualized this high quality wine drinking into a nightly habit, it is the reward for enduring a hard day at the office, and integrated powerfully with their unwinding ritual at the end of the day.  There is no possible way for these people to experience and significant weight loss.  And yes, these are the same people that come to me purporting that they want to lose weight.

Personal trainers must become fighters for truth, because I tell the truth!
No fat will be lost as long as this ritual exists in our clients! In my former competitive days, I was at a great advantage over my competition because I was a teetotaler. I never took in empty alcohol calories. I became a teetotaler because I grew up in a home where my parents drank far too much and thus made me look upon alcohol drinking as something I would rather avoid.

musclemag 003aI have now utterly quit drinking alcohol again because I believe it is my duty to be an exemplar regarding maintaining a manner of living that optimizes conditioning. We have the duty to tell our clientele the truth, unless they stop the wine drinking they will never attain the weight loss and thus the physique ideal they desire to attain. We must be brave enough and bold enough to state the truth even when this is not what our clients want to hear.  A body to be proud of takes a serious investment of time, effort, and self-denial. We have the duty as leaders of our flocks to tell the cold hard truths people do not want to hear. If we faithful to the duty to be truthful, our clients health/wellness levels, bodyweight levels, and body fat levels will all move in a positive direction.  Our clients will be happier with their results, and we will be faithful to our duty to improve the conditioning of our nation.

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