By: Joe Kozma

July 20, 2019

Build Muscle This Summer!

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Home for the summer from college and looking to stay in shape? Are you a high school athlete looking to build up some muscle? Looking to improve your physique to stay at the peak of your performance? I’m a former national bodybuilding champion and collegiate football player. I know what it takes to achieve a strong, healthy, body for an active lifestyle or competitive sports. Looking to improve your health and put some energy and strength back into your game? I can help you.

Let’s build muscle this summer!

I offer outdoor, in home and gym-based personal training in For Lauderdale to meet any physical fitness level or challenge. I also offer in-home and on-location training for private training that will fit your summer schedule. vThere should be no excuse to not get in shape and build muscle when you have the flexibility of gym based personal training or in home personal training with me.

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You can also rely on my experience and skills to find a workout that is designed specifically to your muscle building or sports performance needs. My physical training programs are not fitness boot camps or like any workout you may find at any gym. I am a focused, dedicated professional personal trainer prepared to build a specialized workout and nutritional regimen that is specific to your individual needs or sport.  You dictate the pace (number of days per week you can train) and I’ll make sure you have the support and knowledge to see you reach your personal goals.
Why spend a summer just sitting around by the beach or on the couch wishing you had a better body when you can join me and make your wishes come true? Why wait when you can build muscle this summer! Don’t you deserve to be at your best? Don’t you deserve to be in top form for the coming school year? Why not build your confidence and self-esteem and improve your health and build some toned, healthy muscles this summer with the #1 Fort Lauderdale personal trainer? What do you have to lose except unwanted flab and fat? When you can gain a competitive edge for that upcoming sports season, renewed energy, improved quality of life, increased confidence and self-esteem,  you have everything to gain!
You can visit my home page at and see for yourself some of the results my clients have had with my workout and nutrition programs. You can read the testimonials of satisfied clients and click here to learn more about the programs I offer. I guarantee you will see positive results whether you are looking to build muscle, lose fat, increase your bench press, deadlift or squat or improve your performance in sports.
You can email or call me at (954) 245-7896 and you can talk with me and I will gladly answer your questions and provide you information on all my many programs and services so you are sure to find a program that will fit your needs.

Let’s build muscle this summer!

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