By: Joe Kozma

May 3, 2020

4 Simple Methods to Lose Weight Easily

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Client Christina – Masters Figure Competitor
As the top Personal Trainer in Fort Lauderdale, I see there are tons and tons of fad diets and “magical” weight loss pills out in the market today because people want to take the easy way out to lose that extra fat. Unfortunately, those diets and pills are not at all efficient and should be avoided. Most people don’t realize that losing weight isn’t rocket science, it an extremely simple and easy process that anyone can do. Below are four methods, that should be used together, that will show you how to lose fat. As you will see, the methods are a lot simpler than you might have figured.

Method #1: Cardio Training

hilary swank running bikini beach cardioA little exercise goes a long way, especially with cardio. Cardio is a great fat loss tool because you only have to do it for a short period of time. If you thought you had to run for hours before losing weight then think again because fifteen to twenty minutes is all you need. The key is to run sprints at maximum intensity for about a minute, jog at a slower pace for another minute, then alternate. It’s important to do this before after your weights when possible so you don’t wear yourself out first.  Doing cardio right after weights will ramp up the fat burning process.


Method #2: Strength Training

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Cardio is not the only type of exercise you need because strength training is of equal importance. By building muscle your body is actively using up calories and stored fat. Doing your weight training workout first followed by your cardio assignment you will be able to burn the maximum amount of fat possible per session. Strength training will also boost your metabolic rate, meaning your body will be burning fat throughout the day.


Method #3:  Avoid Processed Foods and Eat Lean Proteins
healthy meal beefAlthough you may be exercising, processed and refined foods such as chips sweets can ruin what you have been trying to accomplish. By eating these types of foods, you are increasing your body fat. The body is not meant to be eating such refined foods, so it is only natural that it they will store as fat until the body is able to break it down. Instead try for fruits and vegetables as well as lean proteins. Lean proteins can be found in boneless chicken breasts, turkey, fish, and lean beef. These proteins are especially important to those who have the main focus of building muscle.

Method #4: Sleep It Off


It is not necessary during sleep that causes you to lose weight, but the effects of a good night’s rest will. The recommended amount of sleep is seven to eight hours so be sure to get around that many, not too much more and none less. When you get an insufficient amount of sleep, your body prevents certain hormones from activating that maximize your fat burning and muscle building processes.

Following the 4 simple weight loss methods above will definitely help you burn fat easily. The best way to lose weight at the fastest pace possible would be to consult with the #1 personal trainer in Fort Lauderdale.  Joe will be able to design a plan that will make losing weight that’s as easy and fast as possible.   If desired, Joe will create a diet designed around your needs in order to achieve your goals.

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