By: Joe Kozma

December 3, 2020

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas from Fort Lauderdale Personal Training

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, family get-togethers and, of course, gift giving. This year, why not give the gift of health and fitness? Trust me, no one will want to return any of these great gift ideas and you won’t have to beat the crowds at your local big-box retailer:

Holiday Gift Ideas

Cooking lessons:  What? Cooking lessons?  Yes, of course.  Look for a healthy cooking class, one that teaches you how to make delicious, nutritious, well-balanced meals without added fats, salt, sugar or bad carbs.  Delight your friends and family with great tasting, healthy meals. This is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Resistance bands:  No more reason to find excuses not to workout while traveling. During the holiday season, it’s always a challenge to get your workouts in.  Aside from taking a long walk before or after a big holiday meal, do yourself or someone else a favor and buy a set of portable, packable resistance bands for a challenging workout on the road.  Buy them above – You’ll thank me later.

trxTRX fitness system: this is a bodyweight suspension exercise system that you can use to train your whole body pretty much anywhere.  If you’ve got a doorway or a tree nearby, you’ve got a full body gym system ready to go!  Click the image above to buy.

Personal journals:  You’ve heard me tell you how important it is to keep a nutrition and workout journal. Yes, there are apps for that. But nothing beats tracking your progress in a beautifully bound journal. Add pictures of yourself. Write down your goals.  Write down your rewards and keep track of this important stage of your life.  When you feel you’re slipping off track, go back to your journal and review all of the progress you’ve made and get back on the road to optimal health and fitness.

gift ideas include personal training

Personal training sessions

You know you want them.  So do your friends and family.  What better way to start the new year and stay on track with your goals than working with a personal trainer to meet your health and fitness goals.  Call or contact me today to set up a personal training program.  Working out and transforming your body is the gift that lasts a lifetime. 

I’m offering gift certificates too – get someone you love the gift of health and fitness!  One, a few, or whole training packages!

Happy holidays!


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