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Strength Training Parameters Part Two

Now in the previous article I have shared on how I developed the  weight training system I have found so effective at bringing powerful and fast increase in lean muscle mass. How I developed this system is interesting and important, but probably more important to clients and customers is not how the system was developed but what is to be done in terms of methodology by trainers and clients to change the physique in the least possible time, with the smallest possible amount of wasted energy and effort.

                Now, I am able to radically change my clients physiques training as little as three times per week, with only one half hour of weight training being done each time. Now I know this is a very small amount of time commitment compared with older more primitive systems.

Let me first explain that for my highly intense and radical system to work, perfect form when it comes to exercise performance must be maintained. Bad execution when it comes to biomechanics will negate the time efficiency gains my program has maximized.  Bad exercise form forces the trainer to have to repeat sets over and over ad nauseum because the secret to my system is getting the muscle to a point of momentary muscular failure for each body part.

I see so many trainers who won’t correct their client’s bad form, I believe these trainers are so lily-livered they are afraid to say anything for fear of losing their clients, this sets up a scenario for the victims of such scaredy-cat trainers never ever get near to full benefit from any workout for these clients, because their form is so bad they cannot properly work the area out, the outcome is that their clients bodies do not improve, only because their trainer refuses do his job properly.

Clients of South Florida, hear me loud and clear, if your trainer is not correcting your exercise form unto perfection, run from that trainer! That person is wasting your time, wasting your energy, and stealing your money from you because you will never get that balanced beautiful look to your muscularity if bad exercise form is used. You will put out lots of effort without getting the look you want and worse case scenario you will eventually get injured using bad form as well.

Perfect form is a prerequisite for my brief, intense workouts. The muscle must be systematically and thoroughly exhausted, and all body parts must be trained in precise balance as well. A client properly guided by me can easily do this and make improvements so fast, even they cannot believe the rate of change and the beauty and balance of the outcome. Now a critical factor I have not mentioned in this article is proper nutrition. Calories and Carbs must be precisely regulated for the whole system to come together. I as a Certified Sports Nutritionist and weight training expert design all my clients diets to precision, therefore all the factors are present in my programs to bring awesome results in the least possible time.

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