By: Joe Kozma

February 17, 2013

Build Endurance by Running for Weight Loss in Fort Lauderdale

Hilary Swank in Bikini Running
Hilary Swank Running

Long distance running is popular form of endurance exercise people interested in having a healthier body and losing weight. The reason long distance a popular choice for weight loss is due to the fact that a lot of people enjoy the “runner’s high” – a rush of endorphins released by the body after a certain period of consistent running. Running addicts take great pleasure in long runs. Although studies do show that a higher intensity / shorter duration may burn calories faster, more people tend to follow through with a plan that lets them run at there own pace, even if it is for longer periods of time. The truth is you need a bit of both in order to lose fat. It is important that you build enough endurance to last through a running session that is a little faster than your comfortable pace. Below are a few tips to improve your endurance.

Endurance Tip #1: Warming Up
This isn’t so much a tip as it is more of a necessity. Warming up your muscles and getting the blood flowing will allow your body to perform at its best condition. By getting blood in the muscles you allow the muscles to take more impact thus letting you run a bit longer than normal. This can be done either by stretching or by jogging slower than normal. Cooling down is just as important. A cool down will stabilize your blood flow and muscles which will help prevent the possibility of injury.

Endurance Tip #2: Resistance Training
Cardio alone is not enough to build up your endurance and lose weight, so it is important to add strength training exercises to your routine even if it is only a little bit. The idea here is to train your body to get used to pushing itself beyond its limits. Overcoming different obstacles will help the body build endurance overall. Weight loss is sure to come to those who keep pushing their limits and work out intensively.

Endurance Tip #3: Distance Running and Hill Climbing
One of the most obvious way to build endurance and lose fat is too run a bit farther every session, even if it’s only a tenth of a mile. Slowly but surely you’ll be able to last a bit longer each time you work out. When hill training, it’s best to see how long you can run and be sure not to compare it to normal running. Hill running is entirely different in that you will get tired ten times faster than normal.

Building endurance can be quite easy after you start seeing your first bit of improvements. Following the advice above will help, but following the guidance of a personal trainer specializing in weight loss in Fort Lauderdale will be an investment far greater than it is worth. With Joe’s help you will lose weight quickly and improve your endurance and general health.


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