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Deerfield Beach Personal Trainer, Joe Kozma offers an 8-week fitness program that builds self-confidence, relieves the frustration of failed dieting and builds muscle strength. He offers his expertise to those who are willing to put in the effort to improve their physique and self-worth. Joe’s program is not miracle plan that guarantees the physique of a body builder taking a super supplement or following a fad diet. This is a road to a healthier lifestyle and physical training regimen that helps decrease body fat and increase energy.

Fitness Strategies from Joe Kozma

Healthy Eating – The first piece of advice from Joe Kozma is to start eating healthier. Cut out the junk food that slows down your metabolism and makes you tired. Start drinking water throughout the day and eat foods high in fiber and protein, and low in carbohydrates. Avoid eating the empty calories in white bread, rice and pasta. These processed foods lose all the beneficial fiber during processing. Stick with whole grain products. Joe also recommends eating several small meals each day.

Physical Training Routine – When planning an exercise routine, Joe strongly suggests an exercise regimen that targets all the main muscle groups, rather than targeting specific muscles. Even if you want to develop your biceps, it is important that you include your shoulders, chest, abdomen and leg muscles, as well. Joe emphasizes that you must target your entire body to build lean muscle. Warming up and cooling down are also important elements to any workout.

If you would like a customized workout and diet plan that works for you, contact us. We can develop a well-balanced nutrition and exercise program designed just for you, increasing your energy, muscle mass and boosting your self-confidence.

Our personal training gym is located on the border of Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale. In-home personal training in Deerfield Beach is also available.

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- Deerfield Beach Personal Trainer Joe Kozma

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