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To Delrey Beach Personal Trainer Joe Kozma, Client Results Are Top Priority

Joe Kozma is well known in the fitness community for his discipline and determination. These are traits he works to instill in his Delrey Beach personal training clients, as well.

Kozma has never been one to jump on personal fitness trends. While diets, exercises and "lifestyle plans" come in and out of fashion, Kozma has stuck to well-established fitness and nutrition techniques that have a long track record of paying off.

Kozma's results speak for themselves -- he won the California Gold's Gym Classic Bodybuilding title and has placed in the top ten of both the North American Bodybuilding Championship and Mr. USA competitions -- but for Kozma, the results he has achieved with his clients are more important.

As a personal trainer, Kozma focuses on helping his clients achieve a healthy lifestyle that helps them look great and feel even better. Many of his clients report that working with Kozma gives them a stronger sense of vitality; they feel healthier, are better at recreational sports and have more stamina and energy for things like playing with their children or doing projects around the house. A lot of Kozma's female clients also say he has helped them slim down and achieve trim figures without bulking up.

To Kozma, these are the results that matter. He's been able to achieve great things personally with his own diet and exercise plan and he wants to be able to help others experience the same levels of health and personal satisfaction.

If you are interesting in learning more about working with personal trainer Joe Kozma in Delrey Beach or the Ft Lauderdale area, you can contact us today. You can also follow Kozma on Twitter, where his handle is "Big Joe Florida."

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