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How Build Muscle in Your Legs

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We use our legs every day in order to get around, which is why it is extremely important to make sure we focus on working out our legs effectively. I notice that there is an alarming amount of gym goers only focus on their upper bodies and neglect their lower half, which make them look frail and old or attractive in the least. If you have well-built arms, chest, back, and shoulders, yet have scrawny-looking legs then you may fall into this category. Just walking isn’t enough; you need workouts that specifically target the legs.

The legs are one of the harder muscle groups to train. Simple exercises will not get the job done, but heavy workouts will do the trick. The most popular exercise for the legs is the squat, which needs to be done at least one and a half times your own body weight. Anywhere from seven to ten repetitions is recommended, but the amount of sets depends on your body type and how much muscle is already in your legs.

A common misconception is that cardio is enough for the legs. Although cardio is a great option for overall fitness and fat burning, it is not an exercise the specifically targets the legs. Only do the required amount of cardio and be sure not to overwork your legs doing so. Save your energy for the squats!


As with any muscle group, a good diet and adequate rest is needed for a smooth recovery. In order to speed up the recovery process, power naps and plenty of water will help you there. Be sure to stretch before and after working out your legs or any part of your body as a matter of fact, so you can prevent potential injury as well as increase the flexibility of your muscles, which makes it easier to perform to the best of your ability.

Squats are not the only exercise you need to do in order to stimulate muscle growth in your legs, as there are countless exercises that target them. In order to figure out which exercises will be suit you, it would be wise to consult with the best available East Fort Lauderdale personal trainer (me). My personal trainer team and I are known for our excellent ability in creating customized fitness plans designed around your body types and needs. The quickest and most efficient way to build muscles in your legs would be to speak with an expert like myself.

My gym is located on the border of Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale. It is conveniently accessible to residents of East Fort Lauderdale. In-home personal training is also available.

-Joe Kozma

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