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By Hillsboro Beach personal trainer Joe Kozma  -

Motivation is the difference between sitting on your rear end in front of the television doing nothing and dutifully completing your pre-planned scientific workout every day. The question is how do we improve and optimize motivation so we can attain our fitness goals? There are a number of things that we can do to optimize our own motivation. The most powerful thing we can do to improve motivation is to stand in front of the mirror naked and honestly assess our own fitness level.

  • Do you look good naked?
  • Do you look good in a bathing suit?
  • Do you look good in your clothes?

If we honestly assess our fitness levels we can help you to do the things necessary to improve our appearance and health.

Take a photograph of yourself in your present condition and put it in a place that will force you to confront the truth about your present fitness levels. I am not saying put a naked picture of yourself in a prominent place in your home but put a picture up in a level of dress that forces you to deal with reality. A good place to post that picture would be on the fridge since each time you eat at home you will be confronted with enough unpleasant reality to motivate you to remain on you high protein-low carb diet. Put another picture up in the room where you sit and watch television, this will be done to motivate you to get off of the couch and go to the gym to do your workout. Use unpleasant reality to help you, to drive you, to force you to change your fitness levels for the positive. Do these things and success will become more than a remote possibility for you, it will become your reality.

Using motivational movies and other sources of media can help you greatly in your quest to attain your fitness goals. I know it sounds corny, but watch any of the first three Rocky movies and see if you are not more motivated to do your workouts in a vigorous manner. I will give a personal tip, read Arnold Schwarzenegger's book "Education of a Bodybuilder," I have never read anything that motivates me as much as that book and the amazing thing is that I have read it at least fifty times and it still has the same effect on me as it did the first time I read it.

Pick a book or video by someone that you find motivating and use the power of these tools to help you attain and preserve the mindset necessary to attain physical change. Motivation is something that can be optimized and developed by using the techniques I have written in this article and without it no change can be made.  Sign up for personal training near Hillsboro Beach!

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