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How to Prepare for Your Workout

By Joe Kozma

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I see many people take up exercising every day and although this is great, most people are forgetting to follow a very important step... warming up!  If you are the type of person that went from sitting on the couch in the evening to intensively working out without warming up, you may be startling your body a bit too much. Even if you have been exercising daily for years, it is still important for you to stretch and warm-up in order to prevent possible injuries as well as build your focus.

Warming up will increase your focus, which means you will be able to perform your best during your routine. By putting your full concentration into exercising, you will feel much more motivated to follow through with a routine and stick with it. Be sure to adjust the types of warm ups in order to prevent the muscles from getting too used to a specific routine. By mixing up your exercises you will keep your muscles alert which maximizes muscle growth.

Building focus is certainly necessary, but a warm up is much more important physically than mentally. A warm up will get your blood pumping before you start to exercise, which means oxygen is being delivered to your muscles from start to finish. This will give you optimal results when building lean muscle. With increased blood flow comes a higher body temperature as well, which means your muscles will be much more flexible. Flexible muscles will prevent you from feeling sore after exercising. Pain does not always mean gain, so don’t worry if you are not feeling sore after an extensive workout; it just means you warmed up correctly. Of course, if you have not exercised before, a warm up may result in a little soreness, but will definitely help prevent any serious injuries.

As you can see, warming up is extremely important, though cooling down is just as necessary. Going from using all if your energy to resting at once will also startle your body, so be sure to cool down to slowly get your heart beat back to normal. This will maximize the chances an injury will be prevented.

Warming up and cooling down should be added to your routine in order to get the full effect of your exercise routine. If you need help creating a good exercise program for losing weight, Contact me to sign up for personal training in Hollywood FL.

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