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Joe Kozma and his dedicated team of experienced trainers are getting results. With a personalized approach to training, Joe has gotten remarkable results for his clients in as little as eight weeks.

As a champion bodybuilder and former University of Wisconsin football player, Joe knows what it takes to transform a body and improve your health. Over twenty years of experience as a personal trainer and a lifetime commitment to the study of fitness training has developed into a program that has Joe’s clients achieving results and developing newfound confidence.

Joe has devised a training method that creates the ideal personal fitness training plan for each of his clients. Joe and his team design individualized training regimens that integrate weight training, nutrition and cardiovascular training. Joe’s tailored method of fitness training is what has his clients achieving their goals quickly.

As master trainer certified in personal training and sports nutrition, Joes training techniques bring about body transformation while improving overall wellness. Joe and his team offer customized thirty- and sixty-minute sessions that focus on getting you the results you want. If taking a trip to the gym is a challenge, in-home sessions in Palm Beach as well as online training is available.

Experienced fitness enthusiasts as well as those new to working out can benefit greatly from having Joe as a personal trainer. Weight training is the best and fastest way to reshape your body, develop confidence and increase overall wellness. To get started today, contact Joe and his staff to beginning transforming your body and getting the results your want.

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Check out the before and after photos section and see what you think - If he can do it for them, he can do it for you!

- Palm Beach Personal Trainer Joe Kozma





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