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personal trainer pompano beachHi!  I’m Joe Kozma, your Pompano Beach personal trainer and I would love to challenge you to a lifestyle program that will transform your body and change your life.

I provide one-stop shopping, one-on-one fitness training and nutritional consulting.  You’ll get regular rigorous workouts, guidance and my hard-earned secret tips to achieve the results you want. It is my mission to train you to reach your goals and to find a healthier you through my breakthrough customized personalized training program.

If you are tired of working out and not seeing the results, you’ve come to the right place. When you work out with me, you will achieve results faster and they will last you a lifetime. My plan will not only motivate you and get you up, it will help you shape your body like you never thought possible.

I’m dedicated to not only train you in the gym, but to educate you on the importance of proper nutrition and natural supplementation to maximize your transformation. I promise to empower you to become the energetic, positive catalyst of change for yourself and your family. I will be right by your side as you embrace a healthier lifestyle.

I don’t just preach. I live this lifestyle every day! My fitness program combines the benefits of 20+ years of experience in personal training and its proven effectiveness.

In short, I produce results. No other program can match the dramatic results you will experience in a short period of time!

Don’t wait. Explore the site, see the photos of my clients’ Before and Afters, read their testimonials and sign up to see for yourself. I’m excited to teach you everything I know and watch you get leaner, stronger and healthier.

Contact me TODAY to begin the journey to the best shape of your life!

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Pompano Beach Fitness and Weight Loss

The most sought-after personal trainer in Fort Lauderdale, Joe Kozma is adding 30-minute high intensity workouts to his personal training business in Fort Lauderdale.

Successful personal trainer, Joe Kozma, owner of Fort Lauderdale Personal Training announces a plan to incorporate 30-minute workouts that deliver 60 minute results. The innovative workout system targets weight loss, body toning, and fat reduction

According to Founder and CEO, Joe Kozma, “The 30-minute workouts exclusively at Fort Lauderdale Personal Training are a combination of high intensity interval training and resistance training. We mix it up with training methods such as super sets, circuit and complexes, which give you maximum results in the shortest amount of time.”

Joe at Fort Lauderdale Personal Training went on to explain that to successfully increase the intensity of a workout or an exercise, changing the amount of weight used, rest time and interval speed is critical to maximizing results.

There are many studies that support the positive effects that higher intensity interval training has on body appearance and performance. Two of the most profound are that of Dr. Tabata and a research study on Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). The effects of EPOC are directly correlated with the intensity of a workout; the more intense a workout is, the greater the effects of EPOC leading to faster weight loss. Several studies have concluded that weight lifting has the greatest EPOC effect with interval training at a close second.

“The key to a results driven 30-minute workout that continues to burn calories up to 48-hours after it’s over is intensity. The difference between achieving or not achieving your ultimate weight loss goal is understanding this principle. Performing exercises or working out at a high intensity is hard and requires focus. However, the benefits of exercising at a high intensity for shorter amounts of time are well worth the sweat, you can burn up to 600 calories in 30 minutes and your physical appearance changes so quickly it is astounding” said Kozma.

“My jeans have gone from a size 14 to a 4 and I have already lost 46 pounds. Michelle has done a great job of motivating and challenging me. The workouts are hard but I keep coming back for more,” said satisfied client, Liliana Huerta.

“After just a week with Joe, I saw and felt immediate changes to my body and posture. In fact, I hit my goal in just the first 5 months of exercising at Fort Lauderdale Personal Training! I lost 44 pounds and dropped 15.5% of my body fat. I have made a full lifestyle change and I feel more energized and confident. Becoming part of the Premier group of women has been the best decision I have ever made.”

Shannon McNatt of Fort Lauderdale.

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A: Life never slows down or stops so you should start now.

A: Joe’s base gym is in Lighthouse point and he also provides in home personal training services.

A: It’s never too late until it is. Call now.

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