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Debbie and MikeThe unlimited sunshine of Tamarac, Florida, gives you ample opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. If you're an experienced athlete, you can charge right into any activity. If it's been awhile since you've exercised, you may feel a little unsure getting out on the playing field.

Whatever your situation, as your Tamarac personal trainer, I can show you how to build your body for whatever you want to do.

  • Start with your doctor. Before you begin any physical training program, always talk to your personal MD. He can tell you what physical foundation you have to build on. It doesn't matter if you have back pain, shoulder trouble, or bad knees. I can work around these limitations and prove that you're capable of doing more than your think.

  • Eat protein-rich food at least one a day. Protein is the building block of muscle and the more you take in, the more your muscles build up. You'll find this necessary nutrient in lean beef, chicken, turkey, or fish. You also want to round this diet out with vitamins from plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Improve your endurance. Aerobic exercise is what helps you last longer at work, play, or daily life. If you're inexperienced, you can start slow, perhaps with regular walks, a fews days a week. But we can eventually build up to a run or two. If your eventual goal is to run a marathon, I can develop a training program leading up to that.

  • Build muscle. The best way to build muscle is through weight training. If you're new, I can start you off with just the bar and gradually add plates. If you're already a powerhouse, I can lead you into Olympic weightlifting or power-lifting. Feeling a bit intimidated by the weights? Other effective methods of resistance training include sticking with your body, such as with pushups and chinups, or using bands.

A regular fitness regimen can build your body to improve your health and make you look good too. Give me, Joe Kozma, a call so I can set up a workout for you.

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by Tamarac Personal Trainer Joe Kozma

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