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Rest is Essential For Muscle Recovery

Michelle and Jim before and afterStraight from Wilton Manors personal trainer Joe Kozma - Rest between sets and recovery days are vital to any good workout routine. Unfortunately, most men do not realize this so they skip the rest days and exercise a bit anyway, which is completely counter-productive. In order to get the best out of your workouts, you need to make sure to get the proper amount of rest so your body has time to recover as well as build the muscle torn during your exercises. I will tell you that rest is equally as important as the exercise itself!

There are two different meanings for the term resting. One is the resting between sets while the other is full days of rest focusing more on sleep.

As you may know, workouts usually involve performing a certain number of repetitions and sets. When dealing with heavier weights, it is recommended that you take a three to five minute rest in between each set. The repetitions will be lower, but the heavier weight will impact the targeted muscle much more than a lighter one. When performing with lighter weights and more repetitions, a thirty to sixty second rest in between sets will suffice.

Rest days are more for repairing and rebuilding your muscles. While you are exercising you are tearing muscle fibers apart, which is what you are aiming to do. This process is known as micro-tearing. The body will repair these tears during the time you sleep, as well as make them larger and stronger than before. If your quality of sleep is poor or if you skip out on resting and workout after an intensive workout day, your muscles will still be torn and will not perform at their best.

The harder you work out, the longer you will need to rest. This is the main reason a lot of men target certain muscle groups each day instead of a full body workout. By only working one muscle group one day, the next day can focus on another one so the torn muscle fibers have time to heal. It is still good to have full rest days so your body can recover at maximum efficiency.

My gym is located in Pompano Beach.  Home and outdoor training is available in Wilton Manors. In-home personal training is also available.

Knowing what types of exercises to do and when to rest can be quite difficult. Itís always suggested that you look into working with the best personal trainer in Wilton Manors. A good personal trainer will know exactly what types of exercises you should do and how long you should rest in between sets as well as choose when the best day for you to rest is.

by Wilton Manors personal trainer Joe Kozma

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