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Looking for a Miami Personal Trainer? Trust Joe Kozma and His Team of Specialized Fitness Professionals

Look no further for the perfect personal trainer. Joe Kozma and his team of expert personal trainers can provide you with the best body transforming results. Joe and his trainers use a customizable program to enhance total body wellness designed to suit each individual's unique needs.

Whether you are training for physique competitions or just looking to improve your health and lose some extra pounds, Joe and his team can build the right plan for you. Combining resistance training, cardio exercises, and a nutritional plan; Mr. Kozma has developed arguably one of the most effective plans available for fitness conditioning. Rapid, dramatic results are often seen in as little as 8 weeks; ensuring you can meet your fitness goals faster than ever before.

Joe has extensive experience in fitness wellness, body transformation, weight loss and bodybuilding. Joe is a national champion bodybuilder, having won numerous competitions including California Gold's Gym Classic Bodybuilding Championship. Joe has worked in the field of fitness training for over twenty years and is a Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Certified Sports Nutritionist.

Joe has dedicated his life to fitness and wellness training, intricately designed for any individual seeking to better their health, appearance, strength, and general well being. One of the most respected trainers in his field, he has been featured in a variety of publications including Muscle & Fitness and Flex Magazine.

With this in mind, one can rest assured Mr. Kozma's personal trainers are masters of their craft. Joe's personal training teams in Miami, North Miami Beach as well as North Dade County and Broward County are available for in-home sessions. Call for a free consultation. Upon your evaluation Mr. Kozma or one of his experienced personal trainers will set you up with a customized program; specific to your needs and goals. 

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Joe is located in Pompano Beach. Joe is available to travel to Miami for VIP personal training clients.


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