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Look no further for the perfect personal trainer. Joe Kozma and his team of expert personal trainers can provide you with the best body transforming results. Joe and his trainers use a customizable program to enhance total body wellness designed to suit each individual’s unique needs.

Whether you are training for physique competitions or just looking to improve your health and lose some extra pounds, Joe and his team can build the right plan for you. Combining resistance training, cardio exercises, and a nutritional plan; Mr. Kozma has developed arguably one of the most effective plans available for fitness conditioning. Rapid, dramatic results are often seen in as little as 8 weeks; ensuring you can meet your fitness goals faster than ever before.

Joe has extensive experience in fitness wellness, body transformation, weight loss and bodybuilding. Joe is a national champion bodybuilder, having won numerous competitions including California Gold’s Gym Classic Bodybuilding Championship. Joe has worked in the field of fitness training for over twenty years and is a Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Certified Sports Nutritionist.

Joe has dedicated his life to fitness and wellness training, intricately designed for any individual seeking to better their health, appearance, strength, and general well being. One of the most respected trainers in his field, he has been featured in a variety of publications including Muscle & Fitness and Flex Magazine.

With this in mind, one can rest assured Mr. Kozma’s personal trainers are masters of their craft. Joe’s personal training teams in Miami, North Miami Beach as well as North Dade County and Broward County are available for in-home sessions. Call for a free consultation. Upon your evaluation Mr. Kozma or one of his experienced personal trainers will set you up with a customized program; specific to your needs and goals.

To find out more on how you can dramatically transform your body in as little as 8 weeks, we invite you to contact us.

Can’t get to Joe?  Try out his innovative and extremely effective online fitness training program.

Check out the before and after photos section and see what you think – If we can do it for them, we can do it for you!

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When you reach your golden years, your fitness plan is typically not the same as it was when you were in your prime. Past injuries can create difficult challenges that make your favorite exercises painful in a way that they did not used to be. In addition, bones and muscles often lose density and strength. Does this mean that you should give up on fitness? Certainly not! Fitness and proper diet can help you maintain your energy and quality of life even as you grow older.

As people grow older, they often develop joint pain due to arthritis or the wearing away of the cartilage in their joints. When this happens, running might no longer be an option. However, biking or swimming might be a good alternative to maintain the cardio aspect of your workouts without creating inflammation. Remember, when exercising, you can push yourself, but do not overextend yourself. This can easily lead to injuries that may cause you to sit on the sidelines. Especially when working around injuries or joint issues, consult a fitness expert, such as one found at High Performance Personal Training in Los Angeles, who have experience with creating personalized training programs for people of all ages, abilities, and injuries.

Strength training also becomes imperative as weakening muscles is a natural process that comes with aging. Keeping your muscles trained can help prevent or even reverse some of the effects of this muscle weakening. However, overworking muscle groups or using too heavy of weights can once again cause injuries so careful consideration must be taken into account when creating your fitness plan.

While many seniors love to use fitness as an activity to structure their day and get them out of the house, others prefer to exercise in the comfort of their own home. In situations where you decide to exercise at home, it becomes extremely important to take care of yourself as help might not be as readily available as it is at a gym if you, by chance, overwork your body. The good news for those of you in the Miami area is that Joe Kozma has a program that includes home visits from your personal trainer. For those of you not in the Miami – Fort Lauderdale area, there are also online personal training options with Joe Kozma’s Personal Training. In either situation, a trainer with experience takes the time to cater a training program to your specific needs to once again keep you safe while gaining the maximum benefits for your body and mind.

If you want to be and feel the best you can be well into your golden years, contact us to sign up for private training. Just because you are a senior does not mean that you should give up on life’s adventures. Look and feel your best by investing in yourself and maintaining your fitness. However, let the experts help you conquer the risks.


A: Joe’s program provides the most rapid and efficient results through superior training techniques, motivation and nutritional management.

1: Most trainers train their clients the same way that they train themselves without any thought given to the uniqueness of their client’s body. Their thinking is ” if it works for me, it”ll work for you.”

This is not a “cookie-cutter” program. Each client receives a completely custom-designed workout and nutritional program.

2: Most trainers have their clients perform the same workout every time, over and over again, for months or even years. My clients enjoy an ever-evolving workout that changes as their bodies and needs change.

We believe in adapting and customizing each workout program to the needs, desires and abilities of each individual client.

We are very concerned to teach excellent exercise form and posture; this creates a balanced,athletic,and attractive physique. An additional benefit of this approach is that it prevents injury.

Flexibility training is also part of the program it reduces risk of injury, increases positive circulation, optimizes nerve function, and improves the client’s sense of well being.

Our clients improve quickly and safely.

Check out the before and after photos section and see what you think – if we can do it for them, we can do it for you!

– North Miami Personal Trainer Joe Kozma

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