By: Joe Kozma

February 17, 2013

Las Olas Personal Trainer – How to Lose Weight If You Are Over 50

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If you are past the age of fifty, you may believe that losing weight is far beyond impossible at this point. Well, I am here to tell you that your belief is entirely untrue. Even if you are over fifty you can still burn fat just as everyone else can. If you have any injury of course this will hinder, but it is still possible. The key is to take your time and start slow, do not start with exercises you can barley manage to finish. Step one is to find an exercise that you can manage to do for thirty minutes three to four times per week. This can be as simple as walking as long as you are actively doing something.

Using the example of walking, here is how someone could progress. After doing basic walks for awhile, one could move on to short bursts of speed walking. You could walk normal for one minutes then speed walk for twenty seconds or for as long as you think you can manage to do. Alternate between the two speeds for the entire thirty minute exercise if you are able to do so. The goal would be to achieve a full thirty minutes of performing this exercise and then you would be able to move onto the next.

Over time you’ll be able to increase the interval of speed walking. Just be sure too keep at it and work as hard as you can. It has been proven that working as hard as you can for a short period of time is much more beneficial than working moderately for a long period of time.  If you ever feel intense pain during a workout out, please stop and consult with a Las Olas personal trainer in order to find out what you are doing wrong and what will best suit you.


Diet should also be considered when wanting to lose weight. In order to achieve a flat stomach, you need to eat foods that will not store in your body as fat. If you do so, you will have to work harder, and if you don’t work hard enough then you will never get anywhere because you are only burning the foods you are currently consuming. Make sure to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and proteins instead of any process or unrefined junk foods.

I can help you choose the best diet for your body type and furthermore can create an exercise plan that will help burn that fat. Even though it will take a bit longer to lose weight than younger people, you shouldn’t be discouraged as it will be well worth it in the end when you have the body you’ve desired for a long time.
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