By: Joe Kozma

April 21, 2013

Fort Lauderdale Strength Training – Do it right or not at all

Fort Lauderdale Strength Training bulletin:

Fort Lauderdale Strength CoachIf you’re an up-and-coming high school athlete, you’ve by now noticed that the guys around you are getting bigger and running faster than they have in years past.  It’s not that they’re doing anything shady or cutting corners.  These athletes are making the most of the weight room and feeding their body correctly.  But getting bigger and faster doesn’t happen overnight, that’s why you need a strength and conditioning coach to guide you through the process.

Being a naturally gifted athlete nowadays is only half of the objective.  Not only must you know the game you’re playing but you must fit the profile of what coaches want.  Coaches want speed, coaches want size, coaches want tall.  A recent article in the lead up to the SEC Championship highlighted the reason Alabama and Georgia are dominating other teams-they don’t recruit offensive or defensive lineman shorter than six feet taller or weigh less than 250 lbs.  These linemen are strong too, putting in as many hours in the weight room as they do on the practice field.

If you’re looking to move to the next level in your sport, be it football, baseball, basketball or soccer, invest in a strength training program with Joe Kozma.  Building strength and muscle is much more than lifting weights and drinking protein shakes.  Strength training with Joe Kozma involves understanding how your body reacts to a work out, when it’s appropriate to increase weight and how to maximize your diet to preserve muscle.  Joe Kozma’s strength and conditioning program is tailored to the individual, what they hope to achieve and seeing that work pay off on the field.

Don’t rely on coaches to develop and oversee your strength and conditioning program.  Go to the professionals in Ft. Lauderdale for strength and conditioning, go to Joe Kozma and get the edge you need to take it to the next level.

Fort Lauderdale Personal Trainer