By: Joe Kozma

October 6, 2015

Optimal Training Frequency

Pompano beach personal training client before and after DebbieMany trainees and clients do not know about precisely what it takes to achieve the goals of an aggressively set program of physical change. One must train a minimum threshold of a certain number of workouts at high intensity every week or any true weight loss or improvement in musculature just will not occur. If an individual meets and hopefully exceeds this threshold radical changes in body composition in a positive sense always occur without fail. This is my experience with almost thirty years of service in the fitness industry with the caveat that a proper diet has been followed as well. A proper diet is fifty to sixty percent of the success of any body transformation program, the diet must be proper, or the program will utterly fail. The diet is not the primary topic of my article right here and now. I will say though that the diet needs to be designed properly and faithfully followed to the letter in order for the body transformation program to succeed.

Training intensity, frequency, and cardiovascular training are equally as critical to the success of the body transformation program as well. If any of these critical components of the program are not done at an appropriate level, the program will not achieve optimum effectiveness, and will not succeed in an absolute sense.

Optimal Training Frequency

The most common way clients fail to achieve success in my experience is just plain not doing all scheduled workouts as they should. If less then three optimally effective high intensity workouts are not completed every week without fail, the program will fail to create the motivational impact that will ensure the program’s success. I am an expert at creating what I call a hurricane of motivation, by creating change quick enough to harness the full power of human motivation. Less than three intense anaerobic workouts will fail to create motivational optimization. People who cancel workouts and fail to meet to to meet motivational optimization almost always fail to have a fulfilling experience in their transformation process. One must meet the minimum threshold or failure is the most likely outcome. I cannot overemphasize how critical this factor is physically and psychologically, and motivationally.

aerobic exercise - joggingAnaerobic training must be optimum, cardiovascular training must be optimum, and the diet must be correctly designed and implemented properly or the body transformation will not be maximally successful. Any of these three components being done improperly will lead to non-optimum program results and effectiveness. As I said, cancelling workouts on the client’s part is the leading program undermining factor.

Do not skip your workouts and then blame your trainer!! You have undermined yourself, you must do three minimum aerobic workouts or motivational and physical program parameters have not been met.

Djim-indexo not skip on your cardio and then blame your trainer!!! You have undermined yourself, you must do a minimum of five optimally designed cardio sessions per week or motivational and physical program parameters have not been met.

Do not skip out on following your diet precisely, and then blame your trainer!!! You must follow your diet with maximal precision or motivational and physical program parameters have not been met.

personal trainer Fort LauderdaleI am an expert at creating transformational motivation that will create radical physical changes for my clients. The above information educates you on your responsibilities achieve optimum program effectiveness and results. I provide personal training in Pompano Beach and nearby.

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