By: Joe Kozma

April 28, 2013

What to Look For When Looking For a Personal Trainer in Fort Lauderdale

Personal Trainer in Fort Lauderdale

musclemag 003aFort Lauderdale personal trainers are a service that many people who are interesting in improving their fitness enjoy using.  Anyone can exercise on his or her own; however, having a personal trainer provides motivation, feedback, and expertise to your fitness workout.  Some individuals wonder what they need to look at when determining if the personal trainer is trustworthy.  Look for the tips below when shopping for personal training services in Fort Lauderdale.


A personal trainer does not need to have a college degree in sports medicine in order to be good at his or her job; however, the trainer should be certified.  Also, the more education the trainer has, the better he will be able to serve you, so look for evidence that he is continuing to keep up with the latest trends in training and fitness.


A good personal trainer should have experience.  It’s true that new personal trainers need to gain experience by having clients; however, the trainer should possess some experience in relation to fitness.  Did he help with training programs in college?  Did he work with the sports team in high school or college?  These items can count toward experience when looking at someone who is relatively new to the personal training field.

Interest in Medical History

Personal trainers should be interested in your medical history.  For example, if you have had some type of cardiac event and are looking for a personal trainer to increase your fitness, the trainer needs to be aware of this so the program can be tailored to your needs.  If you have a history of back ailments, the trainer needs to know that because there are ways to strengthen the back muscles.

Individualized Fitness Programs

A good personal trainer will individualize the fitness program to meet your needs.  In reference to the above statement regarding back ailments, the trainer would perform strength and fitness tests to evaluate the strength of your back and work to strength those muscles by having a tailored fitness program for that need.  If you sit at your job for most of the day, the trainer would realize the muscle groups that would weaken as a result and tailor the fitness program to strengthen those areas.

Check References

Think of the personal trainer as a service which is being provided to you.  As with any service, you need to check references.  If a trainer is hesitant to provide references, this could be a red flag that something is not quite right.

Personal trainers can be effective at increasing weight loss achievements and fitness results.  The only caution is to make sure that the personal trainer meets the qualifications above so that you can achieve safe, healthy results.  Contact us today to see how we can help with your program.

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