By: Joe Kozma

May 1, 2013

Senior Fitness Fort Lauderdale: Because Exercise Is Important for All Ages

Strength training does not equal bodybuilding; strength training is a way to build and maintain lean muscle mass. As people age, they lose muscle mass, which can lead to weight gain and a reduction in bone density. This is why senior fitness is so important. Both men and women can stay strong and fit well into their golden years by incorporating a fitness plan into their daily lives.

A personal trainer can help seniors who want to stay fit and incorporate physical fitness into their daily routine. A trainer can instruct seniors on what exercises to perform, and how to perform them safely. With the help of a personal trainer, anyone of any age can begin and continue a fitness plan that can be life changing.

People do not have to gain weight as they age, if they maintain their lean muscle mass, which burns calories around the clock– even when a person is at rest! Seniors can get fit and stay fit. Fit people have more energy and are able to go out and enjoy life.

A well-designed fitness plan can help a person slow down the aging process, help protect the bones and maintain muscle tone. A personal trainer can create a personalized plan based on the individual, his or her fitness level and needs.

When people choose a fitness trainer, like Joe, who has a lifetime of experience in fitness, they know their health and fitness is in skilled hands.

Feel free to contact us today and find out how a fitness plan get make you feel years younger.

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