By: Joe Kozma

January 1, 2013

The absolute necessity of proper nutrition for Fort Lauderdale personal training clients.

jim-indexHere now my advice on nutrition for the success of your program with a top quality personal trainer. You client, absolutely must take in enough calories to keep your blood sugar levels even, so that low blood sugar levels do not cause reactionary hunger levels which create a virtually unstoppable hunger of which all binges have their beginning. Hear me again, if blood sugar levels are not controlled by regular protein based meals, you will binge and you will destroy all the work you are doing in the gym. Call Josef Kozma at 954-245-7896, He will for the paltry price of $199.00 write you a diet, completely unique to you, that will enable you to totally control your hunger, and then successfully enable you to lose weight and fat with ease.

Josef Kozma

Fort Lauderdale personal training

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